Not for Profit Corporation #822199-5


Posted by Nitro187 on October 3, 2012

When making an appointment, ask your client a few health questions such as any illness in the family, anyone experiencing flu like symptoms recently, and general health of the immediate family that lives in the household.

      Post signs directing clients to practice social distancing during the time at your location in and outside of the premises. Post instructions of one client at a time inside your salon.

      Post signs that masks are mandatory inside your salon and outside the near proximity of your salon.

      Place a hand sanitizer near the entrance for the client and yourself to sterilize hands before interacting with each other.

      Collars and leashes are to be put directly in a Ziplock bag and returned to the client.  Use kennel leads and disinfect between each pet.

      Wash hands before interacting with each new client, then repeat washing hands to be ready for the next client or use gloves and properly wash each time, sanitize equipment used both prior and after each pet.

      Wipe aprons and clothing immediately after taking the pet from the client

      Give priority pets requiring the most need such as pets suffering from chronic skin issues, high maintenance pets, elongated nails, extreme matting etc.

      Refuse pets that require more than one person to groom, refer those to a veterinarian.

      All clients must make appointments to be serviced, even for nail trimming, refuse walk ins, this gives you time to properly sanitize before each pet.

      Once you have accepted a pet from is owner, place the dog directly in the tub for bathing prior to grooming, if pet is in very matted condition, wet and bath and wet shave directly in the tub.

      Consider adding pick up and delivery service, all the while practicing excellent sanitation in between clients

      Ensure sufficient time between appointments to thoroughly clean and disinfect between each pet and each client.

      If possible, use a no touch payment system, i.e., etransfers, if this is not possible sanitize the ITM machine before and after each use, provide zip lock bags for cash/cheques and then set aside for a minimum of 2 days before opening.

      Clean and sanitize all office furniture, such as doorknobs, desks, countertops, computers, laptops, cell phones, pens.

      Taking extra precautions always presume that a client’s sanitation methods are not as stellar as they claim.