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PET BATHING PROGRAM, your entry level into the Pet Grooming Industry.

Bathing Program offered by the National Groomers Association of Canada

Licensed Bather of Achievement Program:

 Surprise, did you know that the talent of a Bather, begins the success of grooming animals. Bathing is the first and most important job of a great style. Without the success of a clean and well dried animal, the stylist can’t perform her magic to create the look to satisfy the client.. The bathing room is where it all starts and before future stylists begin to think of clipping and scissoring, they must first know what to expect from the hair, and how to treat it properly to obtain the goal of a well prepared animal.

 From getting the animal ready for the tub, to finding the right shampoo, to addressing behaviour, trimming nails and clipping pads to the final perfect blow dry is what you will learn during the 35 hour Licensed Bather Program. Read below what you will learn and how you can enroll.

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Bathing Program offered by the National Groomers Association of Canada

Bathing course is open to all those under 65


NGAC is pleased to offer you this opportunity to learn to bathe animals correctly. Our 35 hour program is an introduction into the proper methods of bathing and blow-drying pet companions 

Welcome to the National Groomer Association of Canada. We are a national coast to coast non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the highest level of pet care, health and safety attainable within the grooming industry, equitably representing all facets of the industry from business owners to breeders and or pet stylist including the novice entering the field.

NGAC is an active player in the national network of the pet grooming industry in which we strive to offer up a strong and consistent voice for the Canadian Pet Groomer and Business Owner.
As a Federal not for profit, member based organization, the National Groomer Association of Canada advocates on behalf of the Canadian Pet Groomer and Business Owner, while acting as a credible source of information and education for both parties.

NGAC offers a 35 hour program to teach you all you need to know about bathing animals for your certificate and licensing as a Bather in the Animal Pet Industry.
• Learn the facts on Shampoos and Crème Rinses
• Identify breeds of dogs and textures of coat
• Learn the scoop on Blow-drying animals to a Professional Level
• Learn the safety measure that need to be taken when bathing animals
• Learn the Professional Techniques to ensure a quality finish

• Certificate upon successful completion of the program
• Knowledge of safety and handling of animals
• Skills that are necessary for successful grooming – bathing is the most important step to styling an animal

Duration of Program: 35 Hours
• Mississauga
• Toronto
• Scarborough
• Ottawa

Your course will include the Grooming Fundamental Training Manual published by the National Agency of Pet Grooming Schools Inc. (NAPGS), which is an introduction into the Pet Industry and will give you the basic background that you will require to be a knowledgeable individual in this field. This manual is for you to read and study. It includes:
General Safety Measures and Professional Understanding of Bathing an Animal:
• General Safety and Daily Tasks preformed by a Bather
• Security Entrance and Escape Measures
• Emergency Numbers and First Aid Kit
• Equipment Safety Measures
• Kenneling Safety Measures
• Bathing Safety Measures
• Blow Drying Health and Safety Measures
• Bathtub Sanitation
• Grooming Posture & General Safety Measures
• Table Security
• Muzzle and Safety Measures with Aggressive Animals
• Breeding and Observations of a New Dam
• Metric Conversion Chart
• History of the Evolution of Dog
• Understanding Pack Behavior
• Facial expressions and Gestures
• Actions of Dogs and the reasons why
• Body Language
• Vocal Communication
• Critical periods of your puppy’s life
• Dogs reactions to Smell and taste
• Sight and Hearing
• Sense of touch
• Life Expectancy of Dogs
• Euthanasia
• Dealing with the loss of a pet
• Health & Safety when it comes to Invisible Dangers
• Internal & External Parasites
• Anal Sacs
• Normal temperature of Dogs
• Immunization
• Diseases of Dogs and why Immunization is so vital
• Lyme Disease
• Urinary Bladder Disorders
• Disorders of Male and Female Reproductive tracts
• Disorders of Ears and Eyes
• Disorders of the Coat and Skin

All of the above are requirements for you to learn in order to be able to give and understand the Health and Safety Issues that go into a proper bath. It is not just about adding water and shampoo to the animal to get it clean, but the professional understanding that goes into the methodology of bathing.

Hands on Training:
You will received live Hands on Training for the proper techniques in bathing and blow-drying a pet companion:

• Safe lifting
• Health & Safety for the Bather
• Application and proper technique to shampoo an animal
• Applying proper technique to towel dry an animal
• Bath Tub Sanitation
• Table Security
• Equipment Security
• Applying proper technique to Blow-dry an animal

It is important that you obtain your Grooming Fundamental Guide prior to your start date so that you are prepared.

What you need to do now is complete your application, select your location and send in the completed form along with your cheque payable to National Groomers Association of Canada for your program start date assignment:

Course Fee: $895.00
Grooming Fundamentals Training Guide: $ 75.00
HST: $126.10

Total Charges: $1,096.00

Start Dates: Will be assigned based on location and availability.
Hours: 35 hours
Certificate: After completion of your training you will receive a certificate of attendance to the recognized Bathing Program.

It is the hope of the NGAC that after completion of this bathing program that you will proceed on to voluntary licensing with the National Agency of Pet Grooming Schools to be able to call yourself a Licensed Bather. Please visit the website for further details upon the completion of your course.



Testimonial by Vicky Toon,

Have you ever wanted to try something completely different? Have you ever had an
inclining that what you are currently doing in your carrier just isn't working for you?
Well I have and this is the story of what I did.

I have always, like most people, loved animals, Dogs in particular. I have had dogs all
through my life. A Spaniel, a Mutt, a Dalmatian, a Weimaraner, a Great Pyrenees and
now I have Wilson, my Labradoodle. All of these relationships with these wonderful
dogs brought to my current path. I want to be a dog groomer.

You must understand this is as far from my current career as you could most likely go. I
am a successful business Woman who has helped build a two person manufacturing
business in a garage into a multi-million dollar operation employing 20 staff in the
Greater Hamilton area. So...this is a big change.

I wanted to make sure that this would be the right choice for me, so I took the time to
research what the best introduction to the industry would be and I found it with the
NGAC and the Pet Bathing Program. It is a 35 hour course that would take me through
the process of how to safely and professional bath an animal. No problem I thought, I had
been bathing my own pets for years in the tub at home.

 Was I ever in for an eye opening experience.

 I had expected every dog to be like my dog. Well trained, healthy, calm, relatively clean,
no skin problems, never bites, no mats, very well balanced and taken care of...this, I
quickly learned was not the case.

 This program took me through every possible scenario. The neglect on one poor dogs

coat was so bad that my instructor needed to wet shave him as grooming was just not
possible. Not only did I get to see how the dog was treated by the groomer (which was
with as much care and tenderness as possible) but how the groomer interacted with the
reluctant owners who wanted the poor pooch brushed out.

Over the 35 hours I learned to read a dog’s body language before the dog was even
moved to the tub so I knew how to approach the animal. I learned what products to use
on the dogs; I learned how to shampoo and rinse so the dogs eyes and ears were kept
clear of product and water. I learned what dog breeds may be more vulnerable to water. I
learned how to do a skunk bath and a flea bath. And let’s not forget the expressing of the
anal glands...I don't need to go in-depth into that but needless to can be pretty
frightful and needs to be undertaken with care and consideration.